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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knowledge Sharing...Knowledge Transfer....Knowledge Exchange

Finally, I am clear with these term...( final year just then you clear??So slow okay...).....

Adapted from Boyd et al(2007) from the 8th ECKM proceeding paper, they clarify the difference of these term.......

Yes, I admit from the first year that they are slightly difference between knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer( based on stand of Prof Charles Egbu-my phdmate's sv) but before this I just ignore and still assume they are mostly same- this stand exist since I found too many papers claim that is same but it now I got some ideas to make some arguments in my LR......erm...just wanna back to my LR's writing after leave it since last May 2009...fuhhhhhhhh...

Knowledge Sharing

DefinitionDisclosure of existing to others - thus creating new knowledge



Via Social Interaction

Knowledge Transfer

Definition Applying existing knowledge from one context to another



Via Training/Social Interaction

Knowledge Exchange

Imparting of knowledge for something in return



Via Contract

****vocabulary- A reciprocal action or arrangement involves two people or groups of people who behave in the same way or agree to help each other and give each other advantages (adjectives)


Ika said...
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Ika said...


My name is Ika, I am a master student of University of Indonesia. Now, I am writing my thesis. It's about knowledge management.
I found a very interesting article in this blog that said knowledge sharing is slightly different with knowledge transfer.
Do you have any paper that support it?
if you don't mind, I want to ask which paper say that?
I mean what's the title and the writer?

Looking for your answer and thank you very much