Motivation Quotation......

Aku meminta kepada Tuhan setangkai bunga, segar, Ia beri kaktus berduri. Aku minta kupu-kupu diberinya-Nya ulat berbulu. Aku sedih dan kecewa. Namun kemudian, kaktus itu berbunga indah sekali dan ulat itupun menjadi kupu-kupu yang sangat cantik. Itulah jalan Tuhan, indah pada masaNYA! Tuhan tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan. Tapi Dia memberi apa yang kita perlukan. Kadang kala kita sedih, kecewa dan terluka. Tapi jauh di atas segalanya Dia sedang mengatur yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kita.............................................

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Intro to web 2.0 tools

other source

Another inspiration

Congratulations to Dr Hafiza Mohamad Zuki(my super senior in Manchester)...All the best for her future undertakings in her career in Malaysia....
Insyaallah...hopefully I will follow your path soon.....

Sharing info...


Brunel University, UK
April 8th & 9th, 2010

Web 2.0 is an international conference exploring Technology-Enhanced
Learning, Systems, & Security. The next Web generation will involve
computer-based communication, information sharing, inter-operability, and
collaboration to support these processes. The conference will consider
evolving pedagogical approaches and raise the profile of research in
technology-enhanced LEARNING; spread good practice in the use of web-based
SYSTEMS; and facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers,
and policy makers concerned with web-SECURITY.

Nicholas Ramano, Oklahoma State University, USA
Mohini Singh, RMIT, Australia

Chris Evans & Ray Hackney, Brunel University, UK

Stephen Burgess, Victoria University, Australia

Yair Levy, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Shan Pan, National University, Singapore

Tom Butler, University College Cork, Ireland

Guy Fitzgerald, Brunel University, UK

Web 2.0 aims to explore Technology-enhanced Learning, Systems & Security.
The next generation will involve computer-based communication, information
sharing, inter operability, and collaboration to support these processes.
evolving technologies include web-based communities, hosted services, and
applications such as social-networking sites (e.g Facebook, Twitter), video
sharing sites (e.g. YouTube), video and audio podcasting, wikis, blogs, and
folksonomies (e.g. Delicious) in addition to psychological security

- explore the potential impact of Web 2.0
- spread good practice in the use of Web 2.0
- consider evolving pedagogical approaches using Web 2.0
- raise the profile of research on Web 2.0

> Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to: evolving pedagogies for
> Web 2.0 security, social networking, podcasting, wikis, blogging, video
> sharing, screencasting,folksonomies, eLearning 2.0 and people with
> disabilities, the potential impact of eLearning 2.0 on the Third World,
> creativity and Web 2.0, Human-Computer Interaction, Business and Web 2.0
> security.
> Web 2.0 will comprise invited keynote speakers and individual
> presentations. The conference will be recorded and published online as a
> series of screencasts.
> All welcome but presenters must submit a 500 word ABSTRACT and TITLE for
> BLIND REVIEW to with "Web2.0" in the subject line.
> Submission of abstract of presentation: JANUARY 15, 2010
> Brunel Business School, Brunel University, West London, UK Brunel
> University is in Uxbridge on the western edge of London. Uxbridge is in a
> prime location for reaching the transport network that embraces London and
> South-east England. It is a short drive from the M4, M40 and M25 and has the
> added benefit of being on the edge of the London Underground network. It is
> about a 25-minute drive or bus ride from London's Heathrow airport.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Work and work and work and work..but I am not robot..need break after this...

I need break after 2 month 'struggle' and focus the same thing....feel dizzy and more afraid with the huge works to do..but really need rest ....insyaallah roughly had achieve at least my two draft chapters before 1 Jan 2010....with the unclearly data analysis( however after discuss with my senior last Monday who are doing the slightly same with my research, I feel better than previously) then you will rewarded yourself with the short break

note- sometimes feel did not know which types information I should report..the material that I found out only??? or my achievement or my sad stories only????but I think what I feel suitable can share I just ponder does not matter since this is my personal blogs sharing relevant experience in this journey.....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Could I.....???

Just managed to finished up:

2 from 16...(analysis theme)****** updated on 16th dec-only 4 from 16 themes each Study
# 32 themes...
1 from 8 ....(chapters)****** updated on 16th dec - overall draft for 2 chapters(chapter 4 and 5 but chapter 1 and 2 hold on at this moment) on the way...
10,000 from 100,000....(words in thesis)***** updated on 16th dec ?????????????

within almost 12 months, should I being able to end up my journey?????
my sv will not checked my thesis draft until I finished all in all overall of the draft thesis....that is my BIG challenges.....

I am so 'pasrah' to my Creator(allah)....

nobody will knows...

11/12 to 13/12 -no phd works...weekend break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another 'crazy work' done...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I mean with the 'crazy work' here....the work that can be argued negatively by other people but for me it is good for me and my family..yes...definitely different people have different perspective that is what I am study now...interpretive paradigm ...I am try to be positive hardly to do this 'crazy work'. hopefully it does not make harm to me.....until the right time...maybe I will announce what is the 'crazy work' that I have been done...(do not ask me because I will not tell anybody at this moment..)

as work just like that...looking at the text sometimes makes me sick but that is my way of research..not so much numbers(only coding the categories only)..only text,words and words......

note- the weather surrounding here, manchester is getting colder and colder and colder(today;11 dec is -3C, hopefully I will able to face it through and have enthusiasm to fight the coldness in this winter......

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Qualitative data analysis

Can not stop for update my feelings....
I am feel so glad for this lecture about how to analysis the qualitative data in the right way by Dr Cathy Urquhart for Research Methodology's' MSc class

I am also glad that my sv accept my another work it means I have to double work ( data analysis and write up the draft of thesis) for my stage does not matter as long as I am in right track(wallahualam-Do I am on sky???no more...back to reality- you must work hard and work hard) insyaallah...

Work and work and work and work until the end of this journey.....

useful website from this lecture- qualitative research

The potential of hermeneutics in information system research

Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm still in 'blur'......

Meneka Dalam Kesamaran

Dari sudut hati yang terluka- with lots of challeges and difficulties that I had to face day by day....
Dengan niat suci yang membara- aim to finish this phd as soon as posible
Ku curahkan semua harapan ku yang ada- I try to all out as best as I can...
Kerana ku terlalu menyinta- I like this research since I noticed it connected with human behaviour study( I can learn how to understand people behavior)

Ku menyingkir tiap keindahan- I never feel that I'm fast or can be complesant stage already
Ku lepaskan apa yang ku genggam- When I tense too much...I'll be enjoy with own way...
Tiada ku inginkan keraguan mu- try to be have may plans to avoid stuckness in research
Kian berpanjangan tanpa pedoman- I don't want to be down almost the time

Keteguhan cinta ku pada mu - my interest to this research make me no harm for...
Membuat ku tak merasa jemu - keep investigate to know it...
Seringkali pertanyaan - but when I stuck nobody
Yang cuba aku timbulkan - will help me otherwise
Pada mu itu hanya kebosanan - have to solve it on my own
Bagaikan ada kesamaran - I think the problem can be solved

Di dalam sinar pengharapan - if I try to give effort without give up...

Puas sudah mencari silap ku -?????
Puas sudah meneka hati mu -?????
Tiada ku temui -?????
Jawapan mu yang pasti- at this moment
Yang memberi ketenangan diri - whatever it is...remember to Almighty should be the best one...

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updated 04:21(8 Dec 2009).......just received the 'bad news' from Malaysia.....mix feelings at this moment...but whatever it is...I have to redha and pasrah as much as I can.....this news increase my eagerness to back Malaysia as soon as strong strong...please....thanks mom and my family for this information......

Friday, December 04, 2009

Cograts to Sis Sharifah Mazlina(Sis Sha)

Just got the latest news from of my seniors in my university passed her viva this morning with minor correction..

BIG CONGRATULATION TO HER.....within appropriate years and with giving birth two girls during her journey, she deserved to got her phd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note- hopefully my time will come soon...although I did not know when....insyaallah....

Insyaallah most porobably my crazy plan will work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This coming year 2010 will full of 'crazy' planning in my family to ensure my journey will meet the 'full-stop' of it with the non-stress way as soon as possible(what is that???) erm..I think it shouldn't be reveal yet until the plan works at least 50%...just left almost 12 months than now,I'm trying not promise to myself to struggle finish my journey before 31 December 2010 ....BUT I must fight, fight, fight, fight with all the barriers(lazy,weather,english competency,commitment as wife and mom etc etc)- try to be positive person as you can ....Sometimes...I admit that, usually I always try to be 'different' from others since I was in secondary school until now...

Just to let know that at this moment........TOO MANY WORKS I HAVE TO FINISH IT WITHIN IN THIS COMING 3 MONTHS...IT SOUNDS SO HORRIBLE,TERRIBLE AND SICK HEAR OF IT to others... but I try my best to make it reality.....among that of works of course-

1- data analysis; require me to learn new things and spend a lot of time
2- data validation; again I have to refresh my skills in SPSS although just to validate the findings
3- write up stages..- this one really makes me 'crazy' and I have to plan plan plan and plan by single time and single chapters
AND MANY MORE phd 'works' TO HANDLE IT......

After this, maybe this blogs will not updates recently...
just let all of you know that I'm 'busy' mood in highest level....

note- I'm always wish that I'll not crazy in reality but for the sake in get the spirit to do my lots of 'crazy' rewards on my mind.....

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First Call for Papers for the 5th International KMO Conference 2010

KMO 2010
5th International KMO Conference

Roles and challenges of knowledge management
in innovation for services and products

University of Pannonia, Veszprem, Hungary
18-19 May 2010

Dear Madam/Sir,

We would like to invite you to participate in the Fifth KMO Conference
to be held in Veszprem on 18-19 May, 2010. Enclosed you can find the
Call for Papers.
The Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO) provides top
researchers and practitioners from all over the world in Knowledge
Management. Since the first KMO was held in Slovenia in 2006, subsequent
conferences have been held in Italy (2007); Finland (2008) and Taiwan
(2009). In 2010, KMO will be held in Hungary.
KMO 2010 will feature invited keynote presentations, panels on topical
issues, refereed paper presentations on emerging and continuing business
and research issues, and workshops on new areas of knowledge management.
The theme of KMO 2010 is "Roles and challenges in knowledge management
in innovation for services and products." This conference aims to
facilitate dialogue among experts in the academe and the industry;
provide an international forum for authors to present and discuss
research focus on the role of knowledge management for innovative
solutions in industries, as well as to shed light on recent advances in
knowledge-intensive service systems for organizations.
KMO 2010 encourages submission of high-quality research reports and
practice presentation proposals in knowledge management and its related
areas. There will be awards for the Best Conference Paper, the Best
Theme Paper, the Best Student Paper, and the Best Practice
Important dates

Submission of papers
February 18th

Notification of Acceptance
March 4th

Camera ready due
March 18th

Early bird registration
March 18th

Last registration
April 18th

May 18-19th

Please refer to the conference website ( ( )) for additional information. If
you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Organizing
Committee by e-mail (
Please feel free to circulate this message to any colleagues or
contacts you think may be interested.

Kind regards,

Professor Lorna Uden Dr. Lajos Szabo
Dr. Nora Obermayer-Kovacs
Conference Chair Program Chair
Local Chair

University of Pannonia
Faculty of Economics
Department of Management

Address: H-8200 Veszprem, Egyetem u. 10.
Telephone: +36 (88) 624-215
Fax: +36 (88) 624-524