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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

when data collection run without waiting for ethical approval...

since end of April ago, I've had submitted the ethical approval form and today I got back the comments and it need some clarification and justification....actually this approval is required by my university and I'm still curios of the implementation of this ethical approval...but I do take safe way...just follow my sv's word(actually after I arose to her last December about this ethical approval)..if not..maybe it would be delay morning I got the email from ethical approval person and ask to make the following comments....

- I found the Rationale insufficient, in relation to justifying the
study and proposed methods.
- As far as I can see, the applicant proposes to use an on-line survey
and face-to-face semi-structured Interviews, plus respondent Blogs.???????????????????????
- I think we need much more detail on desired/estimated sample size
(irrespective of the Snowballing method);
- I think we need to see an outline of the kind of questions planned. I
am not sure how the prospective sample for the on-line survey is to be
identified and accessed.
- The answer to the DP (data protection) question is surely wrong, and
must be amended.
- The Consent form reads more like an Abstract for a paper or even a
summary of the PhD proposal: it must be re-written in lay people's
language to clearly explain the purposes of the research, and include
mention of the use of findings (PhD thesis plus journal/conference
papers) and the possibility of withdrawal form the face-to-face

Kind regards,
Tim Clements

hard or not just go through..and don't give up just the research challenges for you....'susah2 dahulu..senang2 kemudian...'

credit for sis siti zaleha and k.a.m.k too to guide me in doing correction just now..they already gain the ethical approval last April......they said it's normal have to do some amendments to get the approval..wallahualam...


Win said...

Salam Intan,...don't worry, kak win pun beberapa kali kena amend project brief in my case, about anonimity of respondents, availability of transcriptions to other respondents etc. Tapi...kak win comply je and follow up sampai dapat approval tu from the HE committee..and I suppose it is part of our phd learning process...InsyaAllah...

mama3hz said...,
a'ah...betul tu betul...tkleh nak expect nak dpt approval with the easy process kan???tp say terpaksa bergerak dulu jika menunggu approval mmg delay habis stages saya nie..approval ni sebagai syarat.....alhamdulillah ada rakan2 yg membantu...