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Friday, March 13, 2009

Writing Always not Writing Up

'writing related issues often play a significant role in preventing or delaying completion of Phds"
(Torrance & Thomas, 1994)

Facilitating Student Writing: Issues and strategies
Dont get it right, get it well written - write early, write often

strategies for student:
- review other theses in the discipline
-talk to other students/graduates
-research and write simultaneously
-do a thesis plan (T.O.C.) early and keep it growing as the research proceeds
-work flexibly with your thesis plan
-set clear writing goals and milestones
-talk what you want to say into a tape
-break big tasks down into manageable chunks
-reward yourself for progress, mark achievements
-build safeguard into timeline
-re-frame: view writing as a series of hoops to jump through (achieveable tasks) rather than a test of intelligence or endurance
-dont stall or get bogged down in detail; if this happens take a short break

Problems with writing

-fear of supervisor's feedback or of supervisor in general
-fatigue: too many 'binges', binge-only writing, more 'snacks' needed, more rest? binges can be aversive, leaving you feeling drained
-lack of momentum: redefine this not as lack of progress, but as limited relationship between writing session.
-not writing often enough
-lack of rewards
-signalling problems: you cannot find your way in your own writing
-not achieving high enough standard in writing

Strategies for unblocking

-free writing
-generative writing
-mind mapping
verbal rehearsal
-write down all you know about X
-write down all your ideas abot X
-construct a sense of ending: visualize the completed thesis

becoming a serial writer
-write regurlarly
-measure your actual output:count/calculate the number of words/pages you write per hour/week
-plan and give a work-in- progress presentation
-plan and write chapters pf your thesis
-submit conference abstract
-set yourself writing tasks:define form, content, length of time, number of words before you start
-continue freewriting to develop your ideas and build confidence

workshop by Dr. Catherine Manathunga and Dr Wendy Green (UQ/TEDI)
12 March 2009, Conference Room Duhid Bldg

courtesy of my UUM friend at Brisbane; Fatimah Zaily Ahmad


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