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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VSST'2010 (Toulouse, France) - Last Call For Papers - New dead line: 31 May 2010.

-- LAST CALL FOR PAPERS - New Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2010 --
The sixth edition of the VSST symposium 25, 29 October, Toulouse 3 University (France).

Symposium Background and Goals
This symposium brings together, for already 15 years, the public and private actors in the domain of technology watch and competitive intelligence.
Universities, public administrations, SME and large groups are invited,every 3 years, in this event to exchange viewpoints, methodologies, toolsand experiences.
Besides the traditional topics :. Data Mining. Text Mining. Web Mining. Knowledge Management. Knowledge Discovery . Competitive Intelligence. Strategic Watch. Technologic Watch. Territorial Intelligence. Regulatory Watch. Annotation and ontology's. Information retrieval. Decision Support Systems. Low Signal. Crisis Management. Place of the watchman in the decision process

We will particularly focus on this year, followings lines:. Metadata and Interoperability. Treatment of heterogeneous information. Security of access to data and treatments. Online analysis. Mining temporal data. Cartographies. Social Networks. Online Intelligence Community, Web Intelligence. Multilingualism. Geostrategic Mapping. Web new structured data. New sources of patents (China, Korea, Japan, India ...). Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Contributions of 3G technology in competitive intelligence. Innovations in the decision process. Risk Management and Governance*
but this list is not exhaustive

We also organize:. Forum between businesses, students and young graduates.
Presentations training in competitive intelligence.
Tutorials and workshops.
Demonstrations of software.
Presentations of strategic analysis.
Exchanges on the effective establishment of watch cell. Exhibition for professionals.
1/ Electronic submission of papers for VSST'2010:
Front page:Title, authors and contact details (organization, address, phone, e-mail)15 lines french abstract, french keywords, english abstract and keywords.Text for submission of papers (in French or English):Minimum 5 pages addressing the problem, methods or tools presented andtheir validation.
Important Dates:.
Deadline for receipt of paper proposals: May 31, 2010.
Deadline for acceptance of papers: June 30, 2010.
Date of publication of final program: June 30, 2010.
Deadline for receipt of papers for publication on CD / ROM and online:September 15, 20102/ Final format of papers:Front page:Title, authors and contact details (organization, address, phone, e-mail)15 lines French abstract, French keywords, English abstract and keywords.
Final text (in French or English):12 to 20 pages (landscape A4) including figures and references.

For more information: for online registration:

Best regards,Professeur Bernard DOUSSET UPS/IRIT/SIG118, route de Narbonne 31062 Toulouse cedex 9tél: (33) 5 61 55 67 81 gsm: (33) 6 12 57 19 49fax irit: (33) 5 61 55 62 58 perso: (33) 5 61 55 67 81w3: et

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