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Aku meminta kepada Tuhan setangkai bunga, segar, Ia beri kaktus berduri. Aku minta kupu-kupu diberinya-Nya ulat berbulu. Aku sedih dan kecewa. Namun kemudian, kaktus itu berbunga indah sekali dan ulat itupun menjadi kupu-kupu yang sangat cantik. Itulah jalan Tuhan, indah pada masaNYA! Tuhan tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan. Tapi Dia memberi apa yang kita perlukan. Kadang kala kita sedih, kecewa dan terluka. Tapi jauh di atas segalanya Dia sedang mengatur yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kita.............................................

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

University also closed...until when??

University closed Wednesday 6 January

Tuesday, 5 January 2010
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Based on current weather and travel conditions, the University buildings will be closed today (Wednesday) for the safety of staff and students.

Members of staff should work from home and keep as much of a normal service in operation as possible.

Email addresses for staff members are available to students and other parties at

Students with urgent enquiries not directly related to their programmes can contact Student Life on 0161 295 0023.

For any urgent University issues, please call +44 (0)7815704857.

For any urgent IT and library (Information and Learning Services Division) related calls please phone 07891387779.

Finally, we'd like to remind all staff and students that current emergency service advice is that people should only travel when absolutely necessary and to take sensible precautions.

More information can be found here:

University closure due to weather

Owing to the severe weather conditions the decision has been taken to
close the University today (Tuesday 5 January).

Staff and students should not attempt to travel in to the University and
those already on campus should leave by 12.30pm as conditions are

The University will be monitoring the weather over the rest of the week
and further announcements will be posted each day on the University

The University switchboard will also be operating on +44 (0)161 295 5000
for further advice.

For any urgent student issues, please contact on +44 (0)161 295 0023

News : Icy Conditions Around the University
Icy Conditions Around the University

Date: Jan 04, 2010

Due to the icy weather conditions outside, some roads and pathways around the University have become very slippery and hazardous.

Please take extra care when travelling to and from University buildings.

Unfortunately we are finding it very difficult to secure adequate supplies of rock salt so that we can properly grit all paths, roads and car parks in the vicinity of the University.

Please be assured that the Estates team are making every effort to secure further supplies and will use the limited stocks of grit to clear footpaths where possible.

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