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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm really eager to go..BUT????

Case Study Research
A one-day seminar
30 June 2009
Regent’s College, London, UK
Presented by
Dr Dan Remenyi

What this seminar is about
Case studies are one of the more common research designs used in social science in general and in business and management studies in particular. This one day seminar considers the case study as pedagogy, as an evidence-collection approach and as a separate research tactic in its own right for masters and doctoral
degrees. The case study is an especially important research tactic and its use is on the increase for both masters and doctoral dissertations. The importance of the case study is partly due to the fact that it may be used in a number of different ways
that accommodate the complexity which is often an inherent part of the
business and management research process.

The seminar has the following objectives:
1. To explain what case study research is and how it compares to case studies for teaching and learning
2. To discuss how to undertake a masters or doctoral degree using a case study strategy
3. To highlight how to decide on which types of cases to use, and how many cases to use
4. To suggest how to collect case study data or evidence, how to analyse it and interpret it
5. To discuss the role of narrative in the case study

Who should attend?
This seminar is relevant to academics from most Social Science Faculties, and it will also have value to some other Departments and Schools. On registration for the seminar a comprehensive set of PowerPoint slides will be made available electronically to the participants. This seminar delivers practical useful information which may be put to use immediately. It also gives participants an opportunity to network with other researchers and authors.

The Cost and How to Apply
The seminar is being held at Regent’s College, Regents Park, London (closest underground is Baker Street). The day will run from 10.00 am to 4 pm. The cost of this event is £100 plus VAT (£115.00). To apply for a place please email Sue Nugus at stating your name, institution, address and phone

Seminar Leader
Dr Dan Remenyi is a Visiting Professor in Information Systems Management at
the School of Systems and Data Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He also teaches
Research Methodology and Sociology of Research at Henley Business School in the
United Kingdom. His original academic interests are in the field of information
systems management and he has researched and been published widely in that
area. In recent year he has taken a strong interest in research methodology and
the sociology of research. He now works extensively with research candidates and
their supervisors at both doctoral and masters level. He conducts a number of
seminars to topics related to improving effective academic research and obtaining
better results. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 books and some 50 academically refereed papers. He is published in all 4 of the ‘A’ rated Journals in the United Kingdom in Information Systems Management. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Information Technology and Acta Commercii (a general management journal). He is the editor of the Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation and advisor to a number of other electronic journals

Seminar outline

The case study and research design issues
What is a case study and what are the different types of case studies
The case study and the science wars
The case study as a research strategy
The sources of data or evidence for case studies
The case study - observation and interviewing including listening to groups
Ethnographic fieldwork as a case study
Discourse analysis and textual analysis as case study tools

The research question as the fulcrum
Relating the case study to the research question
Understanding the relationship between the field of study, the topic and the research question
When and where to use a grounded theory method
Case study as a verification tactic

More definitions including different types of case study
Using a case study as evidence collection versus knowledge creation
Different sources of evidence
Creating your portfolio of evidence
The importance of field notes
Close up studies
Generalisation, validation, replication, transferability, believability etc

Choosing appropriate cases to study
Looking for cases to study – the gate keeper
The number of cases to study
The issue of sampling
Three difficulties with bias in the Case Study and three different types of triangulation

Case study protocol
What is to be achieved and how it will be achieved
What needs to be done to set the research in motion?
Who will be approached and who will be the gate keepers?
How will the evidence be collected, analysed and presented?

Case study analysis
Grounded theory type approaches
Direct interpretation – tables and graphs and verification tables
Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Multiple cases
Cross case analysis
Collecting data or evidence for cross case analysis
Analysing multiple cases

A test for case study validity
The ten key characteristics of a case study as a research strategy

The case study as a narrative or a story
The case study is quintessentially a story
The story as a contribution to knowledge

Action research as a special type of case study
The action research cycle and planning action research
Leading the action research team
Evaluating the results of action research
Action research as contributing to the body of knowledge

Close of day

I have to use my own it I affordable to go???????

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