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Aku meminta kepada Tuhan setangkai bunga, segar, Ia beri kaktus berduri. Aku minta kupu-kupu diberinya-Nya ulat berbulu. Aku sedih dan kecewa. Namun kemudian, kaktus itu berbunga indah sekali dan ulat itupun menjadi kupu-kupu yang sangat cantik. Itulah jalan Tuhan, indah pada masaNYA! Tuhan tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan. Tapi Dia memberi apa yang kita perlukan. Kadang kala kita sedih, kecewa dan terluka. Tapi jauh di atas segalanya Dia sedang mengatur yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kita.............................................

Monday, October 19, 2009

Room Move week....

Unfortunately, my school room@ school office was in moving process just work at home..just go school for official events only....

I have been asked to let you know that the move from room 714 will
definitely happen next week as previously indicated. Therefore you
will need to be packed up completely by the end of day tomorrow - Friday
16 October. Please make sure that you also empty your desk draws and
pack them up as well. You will also need to empty any pedestal drawers
that you have access to. Can I ask you to lock the draws of your desk
and pedestal and that you let myself or Julie have the keys when you
have done this as it is very unlikely that you will have the same desk
as before.

I understand the move will take most of next week to organise as the
porters will move the desks and your boxes out of 714 on Monday and
Tuesday (they cannot do full days as they have other duties throughout
the day) and into the new rooms. On Wednesday and Thursday the
technicians will move your computers. Hopefully the rooms will be ready
by Friday but that will only be if things go smoothly - let's hope so.
If you can stay at home for the week that would be the best option but
if you do need to come in and use computers then you can use the open
access areas on the 5th floor or come to see myself or Julie for access
to the postgraduate room 517 where there are a few desks that are not
being used at present

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